Innocent passage

Innocent passage



*My muse!


What beauty do you hide inside sunsets?
What dreams resurfaced beyond freedom?
What song is playing through an abysmal terrain?
What rays is it demanding in the darkening evenings?



 My muse!
Remained on top of a silent abyss,
I am attacking silence through a dissolved eternity.
everywhere I see an elderly dusk
appears on any corner a revitalised sunrise.



 My muse!

Years and grey hair just like giant rocks,

Are whitened in hidden clouds.

Carved soul from a dried pen,

Is shaken, torn part, away in the unknown.



 My muse!

Perhaps you arrived as punishment within drunkness

Or as a shivering game of diziness?

I breath girl’s eyes hidden in you

And tears returned into a topaz.


 My muse!

As a blessed breath pressing in forgiveness,

Since we awoke as poets in a sun rise.

Peaceful Sun sets brewing life

Days are going faster with a fast track...




My dreams remained there,

Like thousand of icebergs in the boundless ocean

My mind penetrates beyond in the skies.

In other skies, journeys of poetry.

My dreams remained there,

In the vernal nights, full of stars.

Words that cause the soul shiver

And weaved the magic linen.

My dreams remained there,

like the morning light.

With the yearning of autumn

And the drops of rain, melancholy.

My dreams remained there

Over the archs of rainbows, with meaningful colors.

The lucky day , hope and merriment,

arched paths of poetries.




*A Milky Light

A milky light,
Wakened in the waters of my soul,
Over the wings of a flying bird
Just as once before...
A mirror of a reborn life in turmoil
Just as today...
Kidnapped by warm verses in rebellion.


A milky hope,
A voice of life, colours without borders
An open canvas of colours brightened,
Just as dreams at nights with no return
Of a burning star, steaming hot.


A milky word,
Raised on the high benches of thoughts,
Carved in ancient mythology of trust,
In the fiery horizon of the west.


A milky life,
A broken mirror of crossed fates,
A deep sea of kidnapped sorrows,
just as snow...
Dissolved in the first rays of craziness,
Just as a leaf...
Lost in a frozen autumn of the universe.




*On the ‘Sivenston’ Park

Sivenston Park’ is quiet,
Silent and abandoned,
Lost benches in a heretic time.
A frozen lake and forgotten wings
Of white swans dissolved in migration.


Sivenston Park’ is cold,
Frozen and mortified,
Wind is blowing.
Snow is felt as crystallized flocks,
Steps are knocking, slow motion
And flip flaps of enlarged shadows.


Sivenston Park’ is a broken vision,
Worlds are crossed,
Waiting for water flows,
Shapes of symbols painted on lips
Mirages and dreams of broken memories.


Sivenston Park’ is an infinite vision,
Of whiteness,
Of thrilled fates.
Amid clouds at nights an icy longing
Sleeps below the forest naked and alone.




*Whitening of angels


Demons violently


The dark drapes spread in “scene”


Were lost in their own distant self.



the sky was shining

angles where whitened

the darkness of space,

dead souls were wispering,

as they were forgoten;

The steel bars were being reshaped





*In olimpus justice is established


 Zeus promissed the long lasting justice,


Forbitten for centuries, and centuries.


Evil doers cought evildoers themselves

The most cherished gift, for the fearsom “Had”.

Everywhere sympathysers screamed stupidity

And everywhere cought chains of inncence.




thousands of killed leaves touch the sidewalk,

a crazy wind is pushing even further,

the distant forgiveness waits for the city,

in order to, kidnap even more, ...


Begun sins are not ending here;

The last birds expells from the house,

When the morning throws the first stick,

The suffering tears sensing the asfalt.


 The furius wind is heading towards the lake,

Is staring at the tracks of memories with its naken nails,

Yesterday says farwell with its broom in hand

The gathered anxiety; in the belated nights.


*In the lake side


 Autumn forgot the lake, and not myself.

I arrived always near you,

In bear foot,

Feeling more your warmth.


 Below the knees are dropping the waves,

Shaking, wispering;

They are looking again on the other side,

Are extinguished in the deep darkness.


 Doves escaped,

Humans did the same,

Only the voice of diamond doves

And my lonely steps.

(Memory is written in papirus, in order to refresh the past memory...)


Extention of exhausted waives,

A dawn over your glass,

Shining ribons, cut,

Thoughts that depart far awa,

Thoughts, that are nevering stoping...


*We poets!

We poets!

...of the word and pain of earth.

Active in turmoiled days.

Birds of a thunderstorm risen suddenly.


We poets!

Of the word and muse of soul.

A flame of passion burned in the heights.

A flower blossoming in depth.

We poets!

Of the word and vibrating time.

A leaf of autumn ruined intentionally.

spring blossoming returned again.

We poets!

Of the word and white dawn.

Adjacent to the plane absorbed in kilometers of hights.

Swallower around torn skies.


We poets!

Of the word and undeclared dream.

Thundrstorm of stars shaped in disorder

And drops of rain in sorrowful evenings.


We poets!

Of the word and lost in meditation.

An open canvas, traces of colors scintillating

Migrants the so called “cosmopolitan”.


*Light shades


 The west is dissolved far away in the infinite

Slowly the night is descending in the border,

And even the girls, on the ocasion lay in bed,

Some of them dreaming, another passionate and other cries.



Surprising quietness is overwhelming,

Under the roving steps a belated day,

Over the turbulent rivers cannot be happy

Pain of tears has the valley below.



 Who stabs a knife to the heart...

What is needed more for him and this dark life

She left. And now the poor guy!

Just like “Romeo” is praying on his knees.



 The unlucky does not want to wake up,

Left asleep, dark like no one else

In the dark night, an infinite loss

The white soul, sends far away.


Wait to take shape this blasfemy against you:

Quietness of a grave, an evil half smile.

Night disappeared, if you wait for a new day

Wake up happy, enter in the joyness.




I condemned the rain for the expelled dream,

The sleepy eyes were looking for your hair,


Irregular steps.

Your shadow was dissolved in a belated night.



I looked for you every where in the traces of life,

Some where you are lost,...


Perhaps in my longing

You were hidden in silence.



*Innocent passage


Gone Passage, a configurated face

A girls face,

Sweetly in love.

A deep sea,

Its shape without boundary.

A longing hidden with pain.

Innocent passage.





 Over passing the Sun, light rays.

A rapidly stolen vision,

Slavery of soul.



 An entire world of feelings,

An instant of happyness.

An ever lasting longing, crazy life.



 The world is twisted just like it was a toy.

Bowing and descending,

To the senseless emptyness.


 Nympha that is shaking the Gods and sky,

Sent to the altar,

The days of west.


 Beautiful and soft

And always dreaming.

Marvellous creatures, flight of white birds.


 A spring wind, leaves of roses

A reflection of authenticism

A crown of love.




 Waves with vapor,

Below the observable shores

Horizons were broken,

The grey hair were unrooted,

In deep dirt were lost.


 The peaceful cleanness beyond the blue

It ironically smiled the immaturity of males

And gifted the modern stubborness!



 *Far away


A voice on the phone wishes from far away,

Another glass is chocking even far away.

For me!

Everyone is happy,

Celebrating in happyness.

Of course for me!


 But you did not ask this fall of evening,

Neigher for the city did not say a sole word...

You did not unroot our solitude but were afraid

From the roots in bundles in a ruined night.



 You continue to celebrate for us,

Without us...

I am surprised even myself for the felt ice.




*On top of the white rock


Over the wild rock,


Is reigning fear.

Between the extended terror is detached the snow,

Storm is screaming.


 A sorrowful scream tears apart quietness,

Screams the lost fate for years,

With tired eyes is grappled

After the darkness without showing the end.


 Echoes are screaming far away

Mixed within pain, tears,

Sorrowful musical notes





 Looking to relax his soul.


 In the dream is coming the voice of friends,

To shake from the infinite sleep,

The first to go into the storm,

To fight and return as a winer.


 To rise in the white rocky georges,

To begin his fearful scream.

Clouds, it possible,

Every one of them, to swallow!




 For the soul,

Emerged from everywhere the evildoers...

But the unfortunate,

Could not detach from the soul.


*A begger


 “Poor guy”-

Is saying a walking pedestrian.

Too Bad”

Continues the play of words a boy,...

This is how a woman would express herself later,

Meanwhile a girl has changed the road.


 Many others,

Even more people are talking.

The begger is waiting with frosen hands.


 * Monastery


Bells were chiming again...

Again has died another person?!”

The last words, the only ...

Monastery had “hidden” everything,

Returned, in an instant, as speechless.




Its true!

How close we were yesterday!


How far away we run today!